This premium grade, hand rolled and glass tipped pre-roll, has a beautifully organic visual appeal from the natural palm leaves that are topped off with a traditional cigarillo band of gold and black. This pre-roll contains 1 Gram of indoor, hydroponic, high-grade flower with a paper filter.  It carries the weight and style of a unique old-world smoking experience. 


We call this the Chocolate Drumstick. It’s a show stopping pre-roll on many levels - First, we take cacao flavored paper, fill it with hydroponic Tradecraft Farms flower, then infuse it with high THC oil and finally dust it in kief. If you’re looking for a powerful, 1 Gram with a glorious visual appeal, this is the one for you. 


Tradecraft Farms Flower

Our premium hydroponic flower is enclosed in glass jars that are sealed to preserve freshness, and finished with a custom reclaimed wood top.

3.5 Grams


Pre-Roll Packs

Each pre-roll contains 1 Gram of indoor hydroponic flower rolled with a spiral filter to deliver an even burn and a smooth draw. Comes in a pack of 4 totaling 4 grams of cannabis flower.


Pre-Rolled Blunts

Tradecraft Blunts are rolled utilizing a vintage Dominican cigar rolling machine. We use premium hydroponic flower and a hemp wrap to provide a slow & even burn. Available in packs of 3 and 6. 

Individual Pre-Rolls

1 gram of our top shelf hydroponic flower rolled with a traditional paper that burns with 50% less ash. Each pre-roll comes encased in a glass vial with a custom reclaimed wood top lock in freshness. This 1-gram pre-roll guarantees an even burn. No run, no worries. 


Cacao Wrap Pre-Roll

A change of pace from your ordinary pre-roll, Cacao wrapped pre-rolls have a smooth draw and a subtle chocolaty taste that brings out the sweetness of any strain. No run no worries with this 1 gram pre-roll. 

Goji Berry Pre-Roll

This exotic, all natural preroll looks like no other, with its distinctive bright orange color. And yes, there are no dyes, it’s the goji berries that cause that beautiful hue. 1 gram of premium hydroponic cannabis smokes evenly and blends perfectly with the subtly fruity and sweet flavor of the goji.



Next generation whole flower Heat-Not-Burn designed to create an elevated social experience.

Flowersticks available in Creme Brûlée, Sleep Walker, Biscotti, and Kush Mints